Jeffrey Goldberg - Operatic Voice Teacher in New York

For nearly thirty years, Jeffrey Goldberg has been an Assistant Conductor at the Metropolitan Opera while serving as a vocal consultant in several European opera houses between seasons. For almost a decade before that, he worked on the music staff of the San Francisco Opera. During all this time, he has offered private vocal lessons to singers from around the world.

His firsthand experience with many of the outstanding singers of our time in the rehearsal rooms and on the stages of major opera houses has provided him with valuable insights on the technical and stylistic elements of opera singing. He has made a careful study of the legendary singers of the mid-twentieth century, worked personally with many of their disciples and observed many others in rehearsal or performance.

He believes in preserving for a new generation of performers the singing styles and methods of that most recent “Golden Age” which are less in evidence at present. By working with a really constructive technical approach, today’s artists can achieve the technical balance that made that generation of legendary vocal artists so great.

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It is so important, even for an established singer, to have access to a professional like Jeffrey, whose advice and opinions can be trusted implicitly.